Sri Lanka’s criminal investigation department has started investigations into the killing of millionaire businessman Opex Holdings Managing Director Onesh Subasinghe, who was found murdered in an apartment room in Jakarta, Indonesia, leaving a mystery.

The Jakarta police suspected that his Brazilian wife and her Brazilian assistant were responsible for the murder because they were identified on CCTV as they escaped from the house with the dead body and then flight details were revealed that they fled to Brazil or another country via Doha.

After the murder of Onesh Subasinghe, his sister and her husband went to Indonesia to identify the dead body and brought the body back to Sri Lanka and the last rites were held as a private ceremony.

Initially, the Jakarta Police conducted the investigation in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but at present, the Criminal Investigation Department of Sri Lanka is conducting the investigation.

According to the information received so far, it appears that the murder took place on or around the 2nd, and the Jakarta Police found the body on the 3rd.

The murdered Onesh was a divorcee from two marriages. He married his third wife, a Brazilian woman, in 2018 at the age of 40, and Onesh is said to have met her at a restaurant while on a trip to Brazil. Her name is Rosalia Tasquimonto Cardoso Silva aka Rosa Silva.

It is said that Onesh got to know that Rosa got pregnant after a close relationship with her from Brazil and he was happy that he did not have children from his previous two marriages and took steps to marry her soon and they got married in 2018.

They had a daughter. She is now 4 years old.After celebrating her birthday party in an international school in Colombo this time again Onesh left the country for a visit to Indonesia on January 20. For this visit, Onesh’s daughter and wife and the woman brought from Brazil to help his wife joined him.

This woman, who was said to be a nurse by profession, had come to Sri Lanka from Brazil for some time and it was said that she was always together with Onesh’s Brazilian wife. It was said that the two exchanged views in Brazilian language and Onesh’s relatives had some suspicions about the woman from the beginning.

He was brought in for Rosa’s help for a monthly salary of 3000 US dollars, but often behaved like a close friend of hers.
It was said that she went everywhere Rosa went and the two slept in the same room at night. The relationship between the two was suspicious.

As the police suspect, these two have planned their trip to Indonesia to take Onesh there and kill him.

Onesh has participated in this trip at the request of his wife. During this time, Onesh’s secretary contacted him from Sri Lanka and informed about her business activities through WhatsApp. Onesh told the secretary that he could have done this better than staying in Sri Lanka, and because he suddenly lost contact with the secretary, who was in daily contact, the relatives suspected his disappearance.

On the 2nd of last year, the dead body was found in the room after the relatives notified the management of the apartment complex where Onesh was staying due to continued non-response from Onesh. It is confirmed on CCTV that the wife, daughter and assistant escaped from the apartment after hanging the DO NOT DISTURB sign.

While checking their names on airport documents, Jakarta police confirmed that they had gone to Doha, but further details are yet to be found.

Mr. Onesh Subasinghe, Managing Director of Opex Holding Group, is a billionaire. He lived in a luxury house in Ward Place, Colombo.

Investigations are going on whether his property or money disappeared and his wife was abducted. The police suspect that the murder was planned in Sri Lanka and carried out in Indonesia.

A special team of the Criminal Investigation Department is looking for more details about the murder.

A special police team of the Criminal Investigation Department is scheduled to go to Indonesia to investigate the mysterious death of Mr. Subasingha.

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