Earthquakes in Turkey are unusual

Earthquake experts say that the twin earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria are unusual. Accordingly, they are of the opinion that it is important to conduct further studies on these earthquakes.

The two earthquakes that occurred last February 06 had magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.6. Due to this, 13 million people were affected in 10 provinces in Turkey alone. Also, these two earthquakes that occurred within a period of 10 hours have been felt by many neighboring countries including Syria and Lebanon.

Commenting on this matter, Tiziana Rossetto, a professor of earthquake engineering at University College London, said, “This is not an ordinary case. It’s clearly a different set of vibrational models than we’ve ever imagined.” It is said.

According to her, this shock is similar to the North Gage earthquake that hit San Andreas, California in 1994. As of yesterday, the death toll from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria had risen to 34,000, and it is expected that the death toll may rise further.

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