Dinesh Schaffter

Dinesh Schaffter, director of Janashakti Group, who was found tied up in a vehicle on December 15, raising suspicions of a mysterious murder, died after being admitted to the hospital, creating a stir.

Suspicious evidence of Shaster’s murder was initially reported in the media, but later unusual facts were reported such as CCTV not being found, no one running away from the vehicle, and various news that he had committed suicide were reported by some media. The police also had to issue statements that they were fake news.

It was reported through the media that a suicide which he presented as a planned murder took place here.

Meanwhile, more than a month and a half after the incident, a revised post-mortem report was presented before the court today (8) and the Janashakti Group director Dinesh Shafter died from cyanide ingestion, changing the previous conclusion from strangulation.

The post-mortem report released today (08) by Magistrate Rajindra Jayasuriya at the Colombo Aluthkade No. 2 Magistrate’s Court stated that the injuries caused by strangulation were not fatal injuries and the previous conclusion was wrong. Accordingly, when the coroner’s report revealed the facts that he had ingested cyanide, it was consistent with that.

It is also specific that the Criminal Investigation Department’s Homicide and Organized Crime Investigation Division made a revelation about a type of cyanide based on data on his iPhone.

They said they analyzed the data on Schaster’s iPhone XS and iPad and found several documents that were processed on the device for his wife and her parents. On Dinesh Shafter’s iPad, there was an article that said list of data in Apple Note, and there was a word known as KCM in abbreviation and ZIP TIE and a list of several other items, and KCM was called cyanide and ZIP TIE is used to tie something.

The investigating officers mentioned that it was a plastic strap and said that it was the same as the strap used to tie Shaster. He also said that he had consumed KCM cyanide.


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