Sampath Kudagoda

(2/28) In the morning, an incident was reported in which a businessman was shot and killed at TDman Silva Mawatha, Pingwatta, Panadura.

The police stated that the investigations conducted so far have confirmed that two motorcyclists had approached the luxury jeep which was traveling towards the coastal road from the Galle road and had shot and fled.

The businessman who was traveling in the luxury jeep was found dead in the driver’s seat. Sampath Kudagoda, a 56-year-old resident of Kirillawala, Kadavata, died in this way.

The police said that the deceased was the owner of a country liquor store in Kadavata area.

The police say that they suspect that the gunmen who came on a motorcycle at around 8 am may have opened fire and several police teams have been deployed to find them.

The deceased is a house owner in Kadavata Kirillawala and Pinwatte. Panadura Pingwatta T. to the deceased. Police say that there is a two-storied house under construction in Damon Silva Mawatha, and the children were shot at when they were coming to the house in Pin Watte after dropping them off at school.

The vehicle’s camera systems have been checked and SCO officers and official dogs have been deployed to find scientific evidence. Kalutara Crime Division and Panadura Division are investigating this.

The body of the deceased has been sent to Kalubowila Hospital for post-mortem.The motive for the murder is yet to be ascertained and investigations are underway.

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