Chatura Alvis

A news is circulating on social media that the well-known announcer of Derana Media Institute, Chatura De Alvis, has left Sri Lanka and gone to Canada. A person named Victor posted a photo of him being welcomed at the airport with Sri Lankan businessman Riyaz Rauf in Canada.

Some time ago, Sepala Amarasinghe had revealed on his YouTube channel that Chatura Alwis, who is being mistaken by a group of people as a creator of news favorable to Rajapaksa, is ready to flee the country and that he has applied for a visa to Canada. This is why it is believed.

Chatura Alvis in Canada

However, what has actually happened is that he has gone to Canada to record its programs representing Derana Institute.
He has traveled to Canada for the program ‘Travel with Chatura’ and ‘Talk with Chathura’.

The institute has clarified that he will return to this country after it is over, and that he will not move to Canada.
Chatura de Alvis’s official Facebook account shows a photo of a program being filmed for Derana Media Network from Canada.

Riyaz Rauf, a powerful Sri Lankan businessman residing in Canada, has said that it is true that he welcomed Chatura in Canada, but the interpretation given to the photo taken with Chatura at the airport is wrong.

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