Mirihana police station

A man who tried to commit suicide by setting his body on fire and hugging his wife inside the police headquarters in Mirihana has managed to stop the police officers with great effort this evening. The seriously injured person was admitted to Kalubowila Teaching Hospital.

The police say that the incident took place when the man was there to investigate a complaint against his wife. In the various complaint section of the Mirihana headquarters police, the suspect lit a lighter and set himself on fire at the same time as he tried to hug his wife who was nearby and the woman ran out of the main gate and saved her life, the police said.

At the same time, the police officers who were there caught the man who was chasing the woman and put out the fire using minimum force. The police also said that the stench of petrol fuel was emanating from the trousers and T-shirt he was wearing at the time.

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