huge wild elephant

The office of Vavuniya Wildlife Officer says that the body of a forest elephant which died due to electrocution was found near a paddy field in Settikulam area of Vavuniya.

The wildlife officials also said that when the wild elephant tried to enter a paddy field, the elephant was electrocuted by pulling electric wires on the way to the paddy field without permission.

The wild elephant has died due to electric shock and a resident of the area saw the wild elephant and informed the Vavuniya Wildlife Office about it, then the wildlife officers and the Settikulam Police went to the spot and conducted the investigations.

There, the Settikulam police took steps to arrest the owner of the respective paddy area on suspicion of the death of a wild elephant due to the unauthorized laying of electric wires.

A huge forest elephant, between 25 and 30 years old, with a height of 08 feet 01 inches, has died due to the electric shock. The last rites of the deceased forest elephant (28) were conducted by the wildlife officers in charge of the Northern Province, including Mr. B. Giridharan, Wildlife Veterinarian, and local village servants. Actions have been taken by a group of officials.

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