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Yesterday (08th), the compensation case filed by the former state minister Nimal Lanza MP against the former deputy minister Mr. Ranjan Ramanayake in the Negombo District Court was settled before the Additional District Judge Mr. Nuwan Taraka Hitathigala.

This case was filed on 26th March 2014 during a meeting of the United National Party held at the Leighton Park ground, Negombo, by a statement made by Mr. Ranjan Ramanayake seeking compensation for the damage to his reputation.

When this case was called for settlement before the Additional Magistrate yesterday, the lawyer who appeared before the court on behalf of Mr. Ranjan Ramanayake said that the name of the plaintiff was never used in the words of the defendant, but if the words of the defendant caused the plaintiff to feel upset, he expressed his regret.

The lawyers who appeared before the court on behalf of the plaintiff Nimal Lanza said that considering the facts faced by the defendant in the past, the plaintiff accepts the statement of regret made by the defendant in the open court and requests the honorable court to enter a settlement judgment based on these facts and close the proceedings in this case accordingly. They made a request.

President’s Counsel Mrs. Soumya Amarasekara appeared for the prosecution along with lawyers Jumni Livera Dilipa Batagoda Subhash Gunathilaka Hilary Livera on the advice of Ms. Ganga Livera. Lawyer Mr. Varuna Nanayakkara appeared for the defense.

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