According to the information reported regarding the incident of Ranga Viraj Jayasinghe, a 34-year-old father of one, being beaten to death with helmets in Aluthgama area, this incident can be identified differently from what was initially reported.
That evening, Ranga had gone along a narrow road on his motorcycle to go to the shop and fetch a piece of bread. He is walking and a group of young people on two scooters have come from behind and they have been traveling with bets.


At that time, he warned the group not to walk in this way on the road and that there could be an accident for small children.
In this story, the anxious youth came to fight with him and after the conversation stopped near a deserted house, they surrounded and attacked Ranga. It is said that two of them had helmets in their hands and they hit Ranga’s skull with their helmets and then ran away.

At this time, the neighbors took Ranga to the hospital and while they were looking for the runaways, one of the students was hiding behind a shop and the group was handed over to the police. Ranga, who fell down with fatal injuries, died in hospital. According to the information obtained from the arrested student, the three school students were arrested by the Welipanna police on suspicion and presented to the court and it was revealed that the three suspect students are 16 and 17 years old.


The court had ordered to keep them in a boys’ home. Omesh Sanjana, Akash Fernando and Heshan Dilshaka, these students are studying in Aluthgama Walagedara School, where Ranga’s wife Dilki Pahanthiha works, and it is not clear whether they knew that their teacher’s husband was beaten to death. Investigations are still underway into the altercation that took place during the altercation.

The deceased Ranga was the father of an 11-month-old girl and was about to celebrate the girl’s first birthday. It was reported that Ranga was working in a private company until recently and then left it and was looking for a new job.
This unfortunate death has sent a message that society has deteriorated to the point where it is difficult for students to even give advice to an adult.

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