Dinesh Schaffter

Colombo Additional Magistrate Mrs. Rajindra Jayasuriya informing the court to immediately present the reports related to the investigations conducted by the emergency unit of the Colombo National Hospital and all the investigation reports with his bed numbers regarding Mr. Dinesh Shafter, Director of Janashakti Insurance Group.

Yesterday (22) issued an order to the director of the Colombo National Hospital for the second time. The Colombo National Hospital to immediately submit to the court the bed number of the deceased who was admitted to the emergency unit of the Colombo National Hospital on December 15, 2022 at around 3.30 pm and all the test reports on the deceased. An order was issued by the court to the director of the hospital on the 14th.

But due to the fact that the court has not received the reports so far, the magistrate issued a reminder to the director of the National Hospital to submit them to the court before the 24th. The magistrate also announced in the open court that a five-member special medical panel will be appointed on the 27th to decide whether the death of Mr. Dinesh Shafter was a suicide or a murder.

The magistrate also informed that a list of specialist doctors for this five-member special medical board has been sent to the court by the Director General of Health and the Chairman of the University Grants Commission.

The discrepancy in the post mortem certificate of the deceased should be resolved and thereafter the cause of death should be declared by him and accordingly,

The Magistrate said in the open court that this expert medical board will be appointed transparently in the next week based on seniority. These facts were presented when the magisterial inquiry related to this incident was called before the court yesterday (22).

Representing the Attorney General, Deputy Solicitor General Mr. Janaka Bandara and the officials of the Criminal Investigation Department for the prosecution, and a panel of lawyers including President’s Counsel Mr. Anuja Premaratne for the relatives of the deceased Mr. Dinesh Shafter appeared before the court. The further magisterial inquiry related to the incident is scheduled to be called again on the 27th.

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