Mr. Gaminda Priyaviraj, the well-known dubbing artist and comedian who played the role of Gajaman in the film, said that about 12 people have been arrested or questioned by the Criminal Investigation Department in connection with the release and possession of digital copies of the movie Gajaman 3D, which is being screened these days. informs.

Joining a program of a radio channel, he said about it as follows.
We started making this story from 2010. This is something that has been painstakingly edited many times. Those who leaked this do not seem to have done it to gain any advantage, except for the miserable pleasure of destroying something valuable for others.

Don’t beg to pay 500 rupees to watch a movie. This is a 3D animation can’t enjoy it properly unless you go to a cinema hall. We have made a complaint to the Criminal Investigation Unit about this.

About 12 interrogations and arrests have been made so far. Small children are doing this. Those who do it will have to go to their hands and pay fines. Also, the Facebook channels that advertised these will also lose them in the future.

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