Postal voting is postponed

Since it is reported that a large number of people have been deprived of their postal votes in some areas this year, the National Center for Election Observation of Sri Lanka has sent a letter to the Chairman of the Election Commission asking him to look into the matter and make arrangements to grant that right to all postal voters.

The Sri Lanka Election Monitoring Center states that a large number of voters who applied for postal votes in the local government elections have been denied the right to vote and the rejection rate of postal votes has been recorded as the highest rejection rate in the history of elections.

The center also says that postal votes of employees of essential services such as Ceylon Electricity Board, Transport Board, Armed Forces and Police etc. have been rejected in this way. For example, the Election Monitoring Center also says that it has received information that more than 150 people working in an organization of the Electricity Board in the Kandy area have had their postal voting applications rejected.

Therefore, the Executive Director of Sri Lanka Election Observation National Center S. B. Mr. Herath requested in the letter sent to the Chairman of the Election Commission Mr. Nimal Punchihewa.

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