That the jewels and daily income offered by the people to the Talada Palace have been looted kapu mahaththaya of Dalada Maligave made a special revelation and commented as follows.

Fifty crores worth of gold was sold. Twenty eight lakhs and seventy thousand nine crores of land was sold and put in Hitan’s pocket. I counted and tied the money to Mahinda. Who will take Nilanga Dela to Araliyagaha Mandir. The daily income is between 20 to 25 lakhs in Dalada Maliga.

I have told the Mahanayake of Malwatte and the Asgiri one well. I said on my Facebook. They are hooked baby. I spoke with pain in my heart. Ask Vasantha who I am.

A case was filed for the theft of Dalada Palace. I hid it because they revealed the reason to me. Mahinda’s helwa, Gotabaya’s helwa. Fifty crores worth of gold, these are the jewels that you offered.

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